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Helping attorneys, individuals, families and businesses resolve disputes.

Experience . Creativity . Results

Attorney Mediator James W. Saffell is well respected and experienced to help resolve complex legal issues entangling attorneys and their clients. James W. Saffell strives to substantially reduce the time and costs associated with litigation. Mediator James W. Saffell offers his experience, creativity to bring quick and amicable results. Available anytime during the dispute process: prior to litigation commencing, during the discovery process, or as an opportunity to avoid the uncertainties of a costly trial.

Increasingly clients are looking for quicker, cheaper, and more flexible ways to resolve their commercial and personal disputes than the traditional courtroom setting provides. Mediation, Arbitration and other ADR methods can offer those advantages. James W. Saffell has broad experience resolving disputes on behalf of clients, counseling clients on ADR methods and procedures, assisting clients with arbitrator selection, and serving as mediator. Successful resolution requires experience and special skills, and James W. Saffell has them.

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