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Divorce-Traverse-CityJames W. Saffell is a Divorce and Family Lawyer and Mediator who handles ALL kinds of legal matters related to couples, families, parents – from an amicable, uncontested divorce to a litigious divorce involving complex marital estates and disputed child custody, child support and spousal support issues.

Attorney James W. Saffell has many years of experience working with the courts, referees, judges and friend of the court to advise his clients’ of the best approach and likely outcome given their set of circumstances and guide his clients through what can be an overwhelming and anxious process.  Mr. Saffell will make sure his clients’ rights are protected and all necessary issues are discussed and resolved, while still allowing both parties to maintain control over their agreement to the highest degree possible.

James W. Saffell makes every effort to help his clients keep the costs of divorce and family matters as low as possible, including financial and emotional costs. Clients can be confident that Mr. Saffell will use his negotiating and mediation skills to obtain the best results first, but has numerous years of experience as a trial attorney that he will take the matter to a court hearing or trial if necessary and in his client’s best interests.

The following are some of the various family law matters handled by the law firm of James W. Saffell: divorce, collaborative law, child custody, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, separation agreements, property agreements, parenting time and visitation, dependency and neglect, guardianship, relocation agreements, spousal support or alimony, same sex relationships, parental kidnapping, mediation and alternative dispute resolution, grandparent rights, cohabitation agreements, domestic violence, personal protection orders or PPO, restraining orders, arbitration.

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